My Love for Photography started when I was a teen in Chicago. When I joined the Air Force in the early '70's I purchased a Nikon SLR and a Mamiya medium format camera. I photographed my first wedding and I was hooked.

While stationed in England I worked at the base Photo Hobby Shop and learned portraiture and darkroom techniques. Traveled all of Europe at this time and took thousands of photos, getting better as time passed.

After the military, I moved to Denver, Colorado and started working as a darkroom tech, and did some freelance work for a few years. Eventually I started shooting more and more weddings, portraits, events and whatever other job that came along. For several years I photographed the cadets at the Air Force Academy and then several years photographing school kids. My camera of choice was a Bronica SQA (medium format), until I made the switch to digital.

I've been shooting digital using Canon cameras and lenses the past three years.

I continue to shoot weddings, portraits, pets, events and fine art.

When I'm not photographing for other people, I'm taking scenic photos and photos of animals, especially reptiles and amphibians.